kew 6516BT

A lot of Testing Power in the hands of Electrical Installation Professionals!

DISPLAYColor LCD 3.5 inches dot matrix.

ATTAnti-Trip Technology (with 2 & 3 wire) for no trip LOOP L-PE testing on all RCDs.

With 2 wire only, very useful in case of no Neutral (i.e. 3-phase motor lines).

LOOP・High test current range of 2Ω with 0.001Ω resolution.

・Zs Limit compares the values required by Electrical Installations Standard with measured results.

RCD・Type AC, A, F, B(General & Selective), EV and Variable RCDs.

・Single and Auto test, Ramp test and Contact voltage.

EARTH・Earth resistance test 2 and 3 wires with all accessories included.

INSULATION・Resistance test 100, 250, 500 & 1000V with auto discharge voltage.

CONTINUITY・Continuity test at 200mA or 15mA with selectable buzzer for fast judgment.

DEBUG IS ENABLED! Debug mode is only for development mode and shouldn't be enabled in production mode.