ROFUSE 400 / 1200 Turbo

Two universal electrofusion welding units for PE- and PP-fittings up to 400 and up to 1200 mm diameter.
 Safety: The Heat-Control (HC) function evaluates based on ambient temperature, device temperature and fitting and checks if the next fitting can be welded completely. This process is fully automated and indicated through a green or a red light shown on the display. This prevents any emergency shut-off of the unit due
to overheating.
 Performance: Due to the Active-Cooling (AC) function, the unit is ideally fitted for continuous use since the heat removal is maximised by the installed ventilator.
 Complete solution: Ideal for use on a job site. All cables are securely stowed away inside the robust housing. The housing also offers sufficient space for accessories, tools or fittings.

DEBUG IS ENABLED! Debug mode is only for development mode and shouldn't be enabled in production mode.

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