MultiFiber Pro MPO Loss Tester


First MPO tester to support both Singlemode and Multimode MPO fiber testing

Data centers are growing, fueled by the proliferation of media, virtualization and the need for more security and storage. This creates a high demand for 40 Gbps+ fiber links. Whether it is using 10 Gbps pre-terminated fiber trunks or planning for next-generation 40/100 Gbps performance, data centers are standardizing on Multi-fiber Push-on (MPO) connector solutions.

Pre-terminated fiber cables are manufactured and tested to comply with ANSI/TIA and international standards. When these cables are installed many factors can potentially impact performance. Field testing is the only way to ensure that pre-terminated fiber is installed to meet the application performance requirements. With single and duplex testers this verification testing is a time-consuming, manual and imprecise process. To ensure installation is done to standards, test with the MultiFiber Pro.

MultiFiber Pro takes the complexity out of testing MPO trunks for loss and polarity. With an on-board MPO connector, it is the first tester to automate the MPO fiber-trunk testing process without using a fan-out cord. The power meter/light source boasts industry-first functions such as automatic scanning of all twelve fibers and display of test results in an easy-to-read bar graph. These innovative features allow MultiFiber Pro kits to eliminate the complexity of testing MPO trunks, making it 90 percent faster than the traditional simplex test methods.

DEBUG IS ENABLED! Debug mode is only for development mode and shouldn't be enabled in production mode.

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